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Gulf State Analytics (GSA) is a Washington, DC-based geopolitical risk consulting firm which assesses risks and opportunities among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states for lenders, traders, investors, policymakers, and other parties. In today’s volatile environment, stakeholders demand current, objective, and independent assessments of the GCC’s complex state of affairs. Our team of renowned economists, political scientists, former diplomats, and regional experts distinguish between fact and fiction to provide timely insights into current events in the GCC.

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Yemen will probably never join the defunct GCC

Before Iran-allied Houthi rebels seized the Yemeni capital of Sana‘a in 2014, Yemen harbored geopolitical ambitions. Ali Abdullah Saleh, the country’s former strongman, hoped to join the GCC, yet current events stopped the late dictator from realizing this goal.

Hemeti’s patrons in the Gulf

Sitting at the edge of Sub-Saharan Africa, Sudan has often seemed an outlier in the Arab world. Nonetheless, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have turned the African country into the latest frontier of a campaign for regional hegemony.

A delicate balance of power in Syria’s last opposition stronghold

The delicate balance of power in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib appears unsustainable and, to say the least, it is difficult to predict how events will unfold.

Bombs, then food: Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian strategy in Yemen

Yemen’s population is enduring extreme living conditions with little chance of a positive change on the horizon. According to the World Bank, output has contracted by 40% since the beginning of the conflict, while 22.2 million people need humanitarian assistance.

The Gulf’s balance between the US and China

Although the United States has a much longer history in the Persian Gulf than China, Beijing is moving fast to pull the wealthy region into its economic sphere of influence.