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Gulf State Analytics (GSA) is a Washington, DC-based geopolitical risk consulting firm which assesses risks and opportunities among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states for lenders, traders, investors, policymakers, and other parties. In today’s volatile environment, stakeholders demand current, objective, and independent assessments of the GCC’s complex state of affairs. Our team of renowned economists, political scientists, former diplomats, and regional experts distinguish between fact and fiction to provide timely insights into current events in the GCC.

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Will the “maximum pressure” policy on Iran work?

It has become clear that the Trump administration is making good on its threats to pursue what it terms “maximum pressure” on Iran. What is not clear, however, is whether there is anything resembling a coherent strategy undergirding these efforts.

Divided Arab states look to Russia

As the West grows reluctant to intervene in the Middle East and North Africa, several Arab states are flexing their muscles in order to establish a regional order that advances their interests.

Enemies with benefits: How Israel and Gulf monarchies work together

Although the warming of relations between Israel and GCC states seem to be proceeding at a faster pace only recently, the first clandestine contacts were already underway decades prior.

Bahrain: King Hamad moves on reconciliation bid

The decision by King Hamad to restore the citizenship of 551 individuals may be a first step in what remains a long and difficult road toward dialogue and reconciliation in Bahrain.

Saudi weapons purchases and their impact on Vision 2030

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Saudi Arabia’s military spending, though it decreased by 6.5 percent, stood at an estimated $67.6 billion placing it third in the world.