Dr. Sergey Sukhankin



Dr. Sergey Sukhankin is a Fellow at the Washington, DC-based Jamestown Foundation and an Associate Expert at the Kiev-based International Center for Policy Studies. His areas of scientific interest primarily concern socio-economic developments in the Baltic Sea region, Russian information and cyber security, A2/AD concept and its interpretation in Russia, as well as the development of Russia Private Military Companies (geo-economic compound) as an instrument of “power economics”. Dr. Sukhankin’s academic articles, expert opinions and commentaries, as well as policy-oriented analyses have appeared in leading international think tanks and research institutions, including the European Council on Foreign Relations, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, Diplomaatia, Russian International Affairs Council, New Eastern Europe, Kyiv Post, The New Republic, Rzeczpospolita, El Mundo, El Periodico and El Confidencial. He also provided his comments for Business Insider, BBC, Stars and Stripes. Dr. Sukhankin has taught a range of courses at Barcelona Global Business School, The Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals/Pompeu Fabra, University of Alberta, and MacEwan Univeristy. Dr. Sukhankin has consulted the EU Parliament, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. He received his PhD (Cum Laude) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).