Indrastra Global is an information services firm specializing in geopolitical risk analysis. Website

A nonprofit media organization, Fair Observer aims to inform and educate global citizens of today and tomorrow. Website

Ifimes is a Slovenian think tank that analyzes diplomacy, disarmament, and global conflict resolution. Website

Politact is an advisory firm providing strategic insights to global asymmetric political, security, and economic realities. Website

The International Policy Digest, an independent foreign policy website, offers a voice to concerned world citizens. Website

Enodo Global is a social risk advisory firm that conducts population-centric risk analysis to solve complex social problems. Website

Eurasia Review is an independent journal which publishes original content on current events in all corners of the globe. Website

A security risk consultancy Helios Global enables clients to understand factors that threaten security. Website

StratScope is an online journal focusing on geopolitics and a host of other strategic topics. Website